Partnering for Design Success

In today’s marketplace, Image Is Everything. How your company looks to the outside world sets the tone for all of your interactions – with customers, partners, media and other key stakeholders. I understand the needs and the fears of starting a company and one of the best things about that understanding is knowing that a strong brand, 100% related to who you are and what you want from your company is one of the most important things you should start off with.

Below is a list of popular services Image Inkling Studio provides, feel free to contact me if you do not see something your looking for.

Graphic Design

I am here to help give your future or present business a consistant look and feel. From logos, business cards, letterhead or brochures I can help you brand come stand out.

Print Marketing Design

Not only do I design for print,I pride myself on ensuring that my customers can call on me to help them set up the files with printers of there choice. Ask Me About My In House Printing Service.


Sometimes you just need to give your visual matterial a little boost to capture you clients. Look no further, this graphic designer not only does digital illustrations but I can pick up my art supplies to give your visual matterial the pop it needs.


Image is Everything and no matter if you need a professional Headshot or a product shoot you need. My sister company Painting with Light Photography provides beautiful images for your marketing matteral on and offline.

Interactive Design

Image Inkling Studio can provide your company with wow factor it may need through the use of 3D, Flash, Video and Web Design. Let me help your company come up with something different today.

Social Media Marketing

Many of my clients come to me to help with setting up a marketing plan and matterial to target clients on social platforms. This is an important marketing tool in a business tool box that can help promote a company and target clients.


Recently projects completed at Image Inkling & Painting with Light Studio. You can also view a video of other works here.

Branding Logo

Namibia Safaris Okotoks Inc

Model Session

Alex Enman

Business Cards

Stacey Bond Media

Business Headshot Session

Pam and Doug Peters

3D Clear Bottle

3DS Max Bottle Mockup

Corporate Photosession

Tamar Leis

sTEAm Canister

3D Printed Tea Canister

Small News Ad

Okotoks Orthodontics

Shoe Ad

Soul Gripper Shoes

Creative Critter Mobile Ap

Children's Game Ap

Flyer Design

Okotoks Oilers and Okotoks Orthodontics

About Image Inkling Studio

Image Inkling is a visual design studio that works in combination with my sister company Painting with Light Photography. The two companies work as one to provide a well rounded service in graphic design and photography.I work or can recommend a number of industry professional if there is a service I can not provide. This helps my clients so they do not have to run around looking for the extra things that may be required to complete their project.

Other Projects I Have Done.

Standing Out?

I believe every graphic designer and photographer can provide clients with a unquie look. I hope to make my mark with Image Inkling Studio by remaining a small multi-media business that take on a hand full of clients at any given time. Providing them complete begining to end service.

How Do I Plan To Do This?

  • You want to buy me coffee, Why? Who does not like free coffee but it is also for me to learn more about you and your goals for your project.
  • You involve me in the process? I want you to feel confortable with your project and the way it looks. I contact you at some point during the design process. This allows you to see why I choose some design choices if you give me the freedom or add to the project.
  • Focus on me, how? I only take on a handful of clients at a given time so I your projects get our quicker, I can work closely with you and it allows me to do alot of the leg work you may have to do.
  • Begining to End Service? I believe in great customer service so I will help where possible to make this process smooth, I will even help you set up your files with your choice print company.

My Approach to Design Excellence

I believe that good quality design requires more than just creativity. It requires research, analysis and close collaboration with you to reflect your organization’s vision, strengths, messages and priorities. To ensure that our design aligns with your expectations, I’ve developed a process to guide us every step of the way.













Who Is The Image Inkling

THANK YOU for taking the time to read about the person behind Image Inkling Studio. I look forward to being your designer on your upcoming project. My name is Shelly Jaques and anyone that knows me can tell you I live, breath(and eat if I could)visual design.

Shelly Jaques


Coffee induced creative mind of Image Inkling Studio and camara crazy nerdette.

Our Skills

Interactive Design
Social Media Marketing

My History

I have always loved art and photography. Starting out in film photography at a young age. Knowing that I wanted to take my photography to the next level I started at Southern Alberta Insitute of Technology also known as SAIT to obtain my photography certificate and learn from industry professionals.

Going through the process I realized I enjoyed not only lifestyle / natural lighting but artistic and corporate photography.

Finished my certificate and I was given the oppertunity to jump into running a a full time photography business. I was enjoying the process so much that I then decided to take my photography another level. I wanted to learn more about design and finish my schooling.

So I decided to continue at SAIT and finish my high school as I never had the oppertunity as a kid to finish it. During this time I researched a program to complement my artistic and design side.

After showing my work to a lady at SAIT she told me about the New Media production and design program. I felt that this would be an amazing fit and started my Program after completing my high school.

During this time in the first year I was inducted into the Honor Society at SAIT called Phi Theta Kappa and I only continued to grow.

Through my time at SAIT I was reconized for acedemic success and graduted with honors. I was also nominated for Valedictorian by the department head of my of my program.

Today I use my the items I learned in my New Media Production and Design and combine it with my photography background to produce visual pleaseing items for my clients.

2015 Fun Facts

Learn a bit more about Image Inkling and Painting with Light Photography. Why is this Fun Fact area important, you ask? Since I am a young company I like to keeping track of my progress this is to ensure growth and knowledge within my industry. Keep an eye out for the numbers as they continue to grow.



My prices are some of the most competitive around so for the most part my range and starting prices depends on 4 things...​

  • Project Type
    • Some of our projects are quicker such as business card design, some projects like websites take more time.
  • Number of Concepts
    • All of our starting packages allow for 2-3 concepts, but if you're not sure what you need or like yet and want to see numerous ideas before making a decision, then more design time is involved!
  • Number of Revisions
    • Things change, that is inevitable, but the more you know upfront the less revisions there will be.
  • Turnaround Time
    • Do you need it tomorrow? We might be able to swing it, but that means other jobs get pushed back and we work into the nights... it should be no surprise tight deadlines may end up costing you more.

    I also know marketing can be expensive and that often is a road-block for many start-ups. Below I have put together varity of packages, to help you through this process!

    • $475.00​
      Advertizing Package
    • 1 Full Page Ad / Poster/ Flyer
    • 1 Half Page Ad / Poster/ Flyer
    • ​Does it come with any freebies? Recieve a Facebook ready Ad
    • $700.00​
      Start-Up Package
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Business Card Design
    • Letterhead Design
    • ​Does it come with any freebies? $50 towards any future service and $100 toward a brochure, poster or full page flyer.
    • Quotes
      Need More Information?
    • For individual prices inquires or custom package I invite you to visit me via my contact page.
    • For more information on starting prices for my design work,Studio Information Booklet can be....
    • Download Here

    Get in Touch

    My studio welcomes new clients but I ask all clients to call first before coming. This will ensure that we set up times that can work with both of our schedules. I look forward to hearing from you and invite you to contact me with any questions you have.

    Contact Info

    Image Inkling Studio
    305 Woodside Place
    Okotoks, AB T1S 1L9
    P: (403) 831-6007